Arts & Crafts: Box House With Garden

Sorry for the late post. It has been a hectic day.

In this previous post I talked about toddlers and their love of boxes. I also showed you how to make a cardboard box train.
In this post I will show you how you can make a cardboard box house with a small window garden for your toddler.

What you need:
A large cardboard box
Small cardboard box (like a shoe box)
Tape (Duct tape is best)
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Colors (crayons, markers, colored pencils)

Pro Tip: While you are setting up for this fun craft set the little one(s) up with something else to do so they don’t bug you while you are holding sharp objects. They could be watching a movie, having a snack, playing with dolls, bugging another family member, sleeping, anything really so long as they are involved in that activity.

Step 1:
In one side of the cardboard box cut a window hole as long as the length of the shoe box.

Cutting the hole.

Step 2:
If your shoe box has an attached top like mind does then cut the edges off the top flap. That way you can stick that through the hole in the big box that you just made.

Cutting the edges off the shoe box.
The shoe box with the edges cut off.

Then glue and/or tape the box under the window you made.

Glueing and taping the box on for a window garden.

Stick the top flap through the window and tape/glue it down.

Step 3:
The side of the house with the window garden will be the front. The back will be the opposite side. Cut the back wall down. Cut on the corners from the top to the bottom then fold it in on itself so that the back wall is now the floor.

Push it down like so after cutting it.

Glue and or duct tape it into place.

Step 4:
Make the flower garden.
Use a brown piece of construction paper as the “soil.”
Use colorful construction paper for the petals.
Use the pipe cleaners as the stems.

A) Cut the construction paper you are going to use as petals in half, then in half again so that you have just made one piece into four. Turing one piece of paper into 4 will be enough for two flowers.

Your 4 pieces should look like so.

Then cut the paper into ovals.

It should look like this.

B) Then get the pipe cleaner stem and stick it through two ovals that are laid on top of each other crosswise. The pipe cleaner should only be sticking through a quarter of an inch or less.

Like so.

And ball the extending pipe cleaner up.

C) Gently ball up the flower petals.

Crumple them a bit.

Help them form a shape as you let go.

D) Then string the pipe cleaner stem into the “soil” (aka the brown piece of construction paper).

This is several flowers in.

If you do not cut the pipe cleaners you can have them pop in and out of the “soil” to attach more flowers, and use the other end to make a new flower the same way as shown above in Step 4 parts A through C.

E) Glue the soil filled with the flowers into the bottom of the window garden box.

Tada! A simple and colorful little paper garden.

Step 5:
Glue or tape construction paper over any logos. Add any finishing touches to make it look more like home. Let your child go nuts coloring it.

Finished project
Stop to smell the flowers
The inside.

Step 6:
Play and enjoy making memories!

Playing in her play house

Thank you for reading!
Please show your support. Thank you again.


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