Arts & Crafts: Boxes

A Love Story: One Girl And Her Box

Well, any box really. From the moment she could sit up well on her own she loved playing with boxes. This does not appear to be anything that she will out grow any time soon, and that is ok. After all, it is adorable. She is using her imagination.

She was very young and making race car noises. Therefore, my daughter, the Stig.

I mean, yeah, we have a cat, and sometimes I think that she is turning into a cat, but whatever it’s cute. She does have to fight the kitty off for a box every now and then.

I had just unpacked that box. It's times like these that I think my daughter is part cat.

I think lots of kids go through this phase even if they don’t have a cat. After all, a box is a safe spot. It could be anything you want. There is a big appeal in that.
She loves her boxes. You don’t have to do a thing to them. She can have a blast with them just the way they are.

We were playing basketball and then this happened. She couldn't be happier.

However, you can make some cool things with a box. One time I turned a large box into a playhouse. I turned it on its side, cut off the top flap, used the bottom flap as a welcome mat, and the side flaps as doors. I cut windows in the sides and drew on a rug and pictures and little things like that.

She stayed in there for months, until the cat had a hairball in it while we slept.

So… Let’s do a box craft!!! Yay!

First let’s start with a pro tip: Make sure you set the little one up with something else while you are setting this craft up. It could be watching a movie, napping, playing with another family member, anything so long as they are fully engaged. No one wants a toddler running with scissor or covered in glue.

What you need:
A child sized cardboard box
A smaller cardboard box
Crayons and/or markers
Duct tape and/or glue

These things are pretty easy to find. Chances are high that you already have them all. If not and you are looking for a box, any moving place or storage place should have some of all sizes for sale.

For this craft we are going to make a TRAIN.

Step 1:
Take your scissors and the smaller cardboard box. Cut it open and cut across the crease for the flaps until you end up with something like the picture bellow.

This is the box cut up and the box we are using.

You could also do this with a poster board instead of a smaller box.

Step 2:
Cut the wheels. 3 for each side.
Use the four small squares first. Then use one of the longer strips until you have 6 wheels total.

Just make the little squares round. That's a good size.
Cut one strip into wheels the same size as the ones made from the small square.

Step 3:
Cut the rail for the wheels.
Use a long piece for this. Cut it in half and trim down to size.

I cut it in half first.
Trimming it to size.
It is starting to look like train wheels.

Step 4:
Glue on the smoke stack to the front of the child sized box. Use a long piece for this.

Keep it as middle as possible.

Step 5:
Take the big, long piece and make the front of the train. Glue it to the sides of the child sized box so that it makes a point in the center.

Go generous with the glue.
Hold it in place to make sure it dries.

Step 6:
Glue the wheels into place on each side.

Don't forget the arm that moves the wheels.
Do the same to both sides.

Step 7:
Let all the glue dry. Then it is time to decorate the train!
Both you and the little one should enjoy decorating it.
As you can see from my photos I am no artist. The little ones don’t care about your artistic talent. They just care that you did something for them.

View of the front. Yes, that is supposed to be smoke coming from the smoke stack.
View of the inside. I added a go and stop button along with a horn and a coal box with fire.

Do you see what I mean about no artistic ability is required yet?

But the little one loves it! She takes turns coloring and playing with it.

I hope y’all enjoy making your own!

For multiple children you could make train cars by doing the same as above minus the point in the front. You could use rope, twine, or ribbon to connect the cars.


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